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Two Tahitian Women
Two Tahitian Women
Painting species:oil painting
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Nationality:France painter
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In 1891, at the age of 43, gauguin arrived on a French freighter at Tahiti, a small island in the Pacific Ocean. At that time, the island had dense forests and gurgling streams. Tahiti is still in the period of primitive agricultural society, so the people are simple. Tahiti people can sing and dance, women graceful, pure and kind, gentle and affectionate. It was this natural and fresh wind that captured gauguin's mind and deeply attracted him, making him pursue the primitive and instinct of art with his lifelong faith here. Here, the painter created many works that have been passed down to later generations, including "the two Tahiti women" in 1899.

The two Tahiti women depicts the working life of women on Tahiti island. Two naked girls holding fruit bowl, holding wild flowers, their image dignified, serious expression melancholy. The color on the picture is unusually rich, at the same time the two girls in the picture are standing in front of the shade of dark green, the body is bathed in strong sunshine, making the already rich color relationship more add a brilliant, appear particularly bright and strong.

Two Tahiti women depicts a scene in the working life of women on Tahiti island. Two young women, half naked, stood in a dense shade, one carrying a tray of fruit, the other holding flowers, evidently whispering to her companion. Two naked women look demure and serious.

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