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The Redemption of Tannhauser
The Redemption of Tannhauser
Painting species:oil painting
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Nationality:British painter
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"Now Tannh user had left Elizabeth and gone to the Venusberg where Venus dwelt, of whom, after a time, he wearied. When the singing competition was held at the Castle of Wartburg (Elizabeth's home) he came back and took his place among the singers. Tannh user, in his turn, lifted up his voice, but nothing could he sing, save one song--the praise of Venus. For this sin Tannh user was cast out. Despairing, he joined the pilgrims with Rome for goal. But forgiveness was not for him. Others the Pope absolved, but to Tannh user he said, 'It is easier for my staff to blossom than for thy sin to be forgiven.' So Tannh user returned to Eisenach, and there he met the funeral procession of Elizabeth, whom grief had slain. To him, at that moment, Venus appeared in the glory of her baleful beauty, and it was for Tannh user to choose between the living--passionate and glowing--and the pallid dead. 'Elizabeth!' he cries, and then falls dead, while the vision of Venus--defeated in the supreme moment--fades away, and the Pope's staff--miraculously blossomed into leaf--is brought by hurrying messengers from Rome, as a token of Divine forgiveness."

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