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Frank Dicksee's remained lodged in the Royal Academy throughout his career, and he became ARA in 1881, and was elected a full RA ten years later. "Startled" was his Diploma work. In this painting we see a mother and child who were swimming in a lake, when all of a sudden a boat appeared so they are fleeing the water and gathering up their clothes. One can see Dicksee's good taste as established by his attempt to only using minimum nudity in the painting, just for expressing the embarrassment of the shy ladies; not indulging in nudity as a painter with bad taste would do. Dicksee's point is to demonstrate a real-life moment of embarrassment, modesty and shyness, which he had accomplished in the painting perfectly well, to the same time keeping the viewer's mind in motion: Did the ladies manage to escape into the woods just in time?

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