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Feminist artist and writer shows in Los Angeles and Washington
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Feminist artist and writer Judy Chicago recently exhibited in Los Angeles and Washington.

She showcased her important early work at the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in Los Angeles, as well as a new series of painted China and glass, "the end: meditations on death and extinction." The opening exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, dc, features Judy Chicago's most famous work, "the Dinner Party," a 1979 epic installation that shows 39 important Women surrounded by history.

Judy Chicago

Recently, on her 80th birthday, she was named N.M., where she has lived since 1996. The town of belem brought a fireworks display. During the show, Judy Chicago and a writer for the New York times called "It Speaks to Me: It Speaks to Me: Jori Finkel, author of Art That Inspires Artists, talks about the inspiration for her own work and the pioneers of female abstract painting, including Georgia O 'keeffe, Hilma af Klint and Agnes Pelton.

Judy Chicago, "the 10 Part Cylinders, 1966/2019

In Judy Chicago's view, "it was not until the abstract emerged that female artists were free to directly communicate their experiences. Abstraction opens up visual forms for us to communicate our inner reality. In the early days, women artists like Artemisia Gentileschi had to incorporate their forms into the art history traditions created by men."

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