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Four naked women on green background sold for HK $258 million!
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At sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong on July 8, "the evening sale of modern art", was a star, '1950 s "green background four naked women" for hk $160 million or, after more than 20 rounds of fierce competing, eventually to hk $225 million, dropping the hammer, and commission of hk $258.3 million, second only to hk $2019 in 300 million to clinch a deal the "five naked girls", a' work second price auction.


"Four Naked Women on a Green Background" by Chang Yu in the 1950s, oil-painted fiberboard, 100 x 122 cm

After the 1950s, Chang Yu's life and art had reached a completely different stage, and the nude image was the key to his breakthrough. This masterpiece is rare and rare. It is the only masterpiece that Chang Yu created three times with similar composition in his life. It is also the largest of the three. The picture shows four naked women, echoing the concept of "four Beauties" in China. Their naked bodies wander in the abstract green background, reflecting the social appearance of everything after the war. The free body language of naked women proclaimed the liberation of women after the war; A bird 's-eye view of the undulating curves of the naked woman reveals the beauty of China's landscape structure.

In 2019, two of Chang yu's works, "The Naked Girl with Bowed legs" and "The Five Naked Women", set new artist auction records twice with HK $198 million and HK $300 million respectively. There was a fierce "Chang Yu fever" in the art circle, and chang Yu's nude statue became the focus of collectors' bidding. The release of "Four Naked Women on a Green Background" was highly anticipated on its first appearance. As the leading item in sotheby's Spring modern Art Evening sale in Hong Kong this summer, it failed to reach expectations and created a new auction miracle.


Chang Yu, "Naked Woman with Curved legs", painted fibreboard, 1965. 122.5x135cm, October 5, 2019 sotheby's Hong Kong autumn sale price: nearly hk $198 million. 


On November 23, 2019, in Christie's Hong Kong autumn 2019 auction "20th Century and contemporary Art evening auction", Chang Yu's masterpiece "Five Naked Women" 190 million Hong Kong dollars, the final hammer hammer with 266 million Hong Kong dollars, plus commission finally sold 30398.5 million Hong Kong dollars.

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